About Me

I’m a Granite State wife and mom, taking every day as an opportunity to raise my family in a healthy and compassionate way. I started this blog in 2009, shortly after my first daughter was born, to document my favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes. I hope that one day, they will use my online recipe collection to feed their own families, long after I’m gone. This blog is so much more than food to us – it’s an extension of our family’s belief system to try to respect all living things.

There are many compelling reasons to move towards a vegetarian or vegan diet, many of them health-related. Personally, I refuse to eat meat because of the inhumane treatment of the animals that are mass-produced to feed the population. Animal farming on the scale that it needs to be to satisfy U.S. consumption is grotesquely cruel. When you eat meat, you’re eating the flesh of an animal whose life has been artificially shortened by overfeeding it to get it to a slaughterhouse earlier. They’re kept in small pens and cages, where they endure chronic stress. If they bear their young live, their babies are taken from them, sometimes a day after they’re born. They’re fed growth hormones and antibiotics and kept from the natural behaviors and actions that characterize the normal life span. Pigs aren’t allowed to root. Calves are kept immobile. Chickens are kept in cages, their beaks seared off with a burning hot knife to thwart aggressive behaviors that are the result of unnatural confinement. Even the “organic” and “small farm” marketed meat is often times not exempt. Ask anyone who has been to a farm auction.

I believe the flesh of the animal is NOT separate from it’s spirit and it’s energy. The agony and stress they endure in their shortened lives infuses every cell of their bodies. Consider that depression and stress can make humans ill, can infect our muscles and organs. Is an animal so very different? We don’t need meat or milk for survival. We’re no longer a hunting society; we’re merely a consuming society.

I hope this blog can support thinking differently about what we consume to nourish our bodies. We’re evolved from herbivores, and yet we’ve veered off our own evolutionary path. One can make a case for hunting and eating meat when it’s the only means for survival. But that’s no longer the case and our options are plentiful. Do they have to include the flesh of suffering animals? How can that possibly be considered nourishment?

The recipes on my blog have been loving prepared to be:

  • 100% meat and fish free

  • Many that are Vegan

  • Kid friendly, yet providing new flavors and textures

  • Nutrient dense

I am so glad you’re here . I sincerely wish you all of the joy that is about to come out of your kitchen! In by doing so, we find that a simple recipe can create moments and memories, to last a life time, passed down from generation to generation.

Sending Love!

Mama Veggie

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